Mini Barrel Spotlight

Available in 11 different colors, the Mini Spotlight is the ideal light for lighting your low ambient light scene or display. Constructed from corrosion-resistant brass, the Mini Spotlight features a replaceable LED and a 5 foot, 24 gauge wire lead. The Mini Spotlight's LED socket design allows for replacement of the LED, should it be damaged by over voltage or static shock. The optional diffuser will soften the spotlight pattern, making it a miniature flood light. Lighting Controller

The Lighting Controller is a 6-channel control with 3 lighting modes - flicker, strobe, and failing power, with a rate adjustment to set the speed of each effect. With a total output of 5 amps, this control will power any scenes, from large to small.

Dimmer Controls carries an assortment of dimmers, sized to fit your needs. Large or small, wired, wireless remote, or DMX-controlled, we can supply the dimmer you need to create the perfect scene.

LED Eyeballs

Available in 7 colors, these realistic eyeballs feature a brown iris and are made of hard plastic with an internal LED. Sold by the pair.

Waterproof Power LED Flood & Spot Light

This rugged, aluminum-cased 1 watt power LED is available in 6 colors with beam angles of either 110 degree flood or 30 degree spot light. This is a fully submersible LED that may be used in any location, and operates on 8-24 volts AC or DC. With an output of 30-80 lumens, these LEDs are a great choice for outdoor scenes or large areas. (Flood light pictured)

Faux-Rescent Tube Light

12 volt light tube designed to replace fluorescent lights in your scenes. Fits any 4' fixture with bi-pin lamp holders, does not use any power from fixture. Connect to our Multi-Mode Controller for a realistic flicker effect.


Weatherproof Light Bar

Available in 6 colors, the 110 degree beam of this light bar and an output from 8-25 lumens make it an excellent choice for an indoor or outdoor location. With a size of 3.25" x .5" x .25", this light bar can be concealed in scenes to backlight a prop, or to wash an entire wall in color.

Power Supplies

Available in sizes from 5 watts to 350 watts, the 12 volt DC power supply will provide clean, regulated power for your LED lighting. All of our power supplies provide over-current and short-circuit protection to provide safe, economical power for your solid state lighting.

Faux Bulb

Realistic plastic light bulb can be screwed into any existing fixture or lamp. Just the right amount of light for your scene, without heat, glass, or high voltage hazards. Works great with our 12 volt Multi-Mode Controller for erratic power or flicker effect. 

Micro Flood Light

This is an amazing little LED. Available in 8 colors, its small size (.25" x .25") makes it the most compact, and easiest to conceal, LED in our product line. This 3-chip LED has an output of 2-14 lumens, and an adhesive pad on the back makes it easy to attach the light to your prop or costume.

"The Chubby" High Output Mini Barrel Spotlight

A high-output version of our Mini Spotlight, the Chubby is available in 6 different colors, with 3 to 5 times the output of our Mini Spotlight, and constructed from corrosion-resistant brass with a 5 foot, 24 gauge wire lead. The Chubby is a great choice for larger scenes, which require more light than our Mini Spotlight alone can provide. The optional diffuser will soften the spotlight pattern, making it a miniature flood light.

Compact LED Light Bar

Our compact light bars use 3 high-output, low-profile LEDs with a total light output of 16500 to 22500 mcd. With its' 90 degree beam, this light will flood a wider area of light than our Mini Spotlights. Their small size (1.25" x .5" x .5") and Velcro mounting make installation fast and easy. Not for use in wet locations.